Kaiser Permanente Continues to Neglect Mental Health


Kaiser’s administrative offices in Pleasanton, Calif., a 17.8-acre suburban campus that the HMO purchased from computer giant Oracle Corp. The conference rooms are all named after prisons.

It is amazing how Kaiser continues to neglect their mental health programs. For years they have neglected their programs and nobody seemed to care. Now the State has levied the heaviest fines it has every handed out and Kaiser still seems to look down their nose at their mental health programs. They refuse to staff their programs and provide the quality of care they should. Instead it is all about the profit and the executives seem more interested in their profits than in quality of care.


California again slams Kaiser for delays in mental health treatment


One thought on “Kaiser Permanente Continues to Neglect Mental Health

  1. hi licia ~
    this issue with kaiser may very well extend to oregon as well..
    at one point i did seek counseling through kaiser through their provider website, but i found only psychiatrists or regular mds ready to write rx’s, no counseling as I know it other than drug addiction in/outpatient or psychiatric emergency treatment.. avoidant already, i gave up the idea assuming that’s all that was available..
    ~ ghost (br)

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