Zak Ebrahim How I chose Peace

This talk by Zak Ebrahim shows how one can change deeply held beliefs when they get challenged within relationships.Whether those relationships are watching Jon Stewart on the Daily Show or meeting people who are different and hold different beliefs in the real world.

As a psychotherapist I often hear “can anybody really change”. As I watch growth happen with those I work with and I see their faces soften as compassion and empathy for themselves and others start to challenge the self-criticism and fear of others, I am moved. It is hard to see it within ourselves and helps to have that mirrored back to us. We start to see the change in how we operate in the world and how our world changes.

Over time change does take place and we often don’t know it. As Zak Ebrahim says in his talk he had gotten to know a Jewish man before he knew he was Jewish and realized that his beliefs had been based upon the dogma that his father had preached. That maybe he wasn’t the same as his father, I am sure he can find traits of his father in himself but he doesn’t have to embrace the hate. But as he says in the end “I am not my Father”. Change is possible and his talk for me was deeply moving and powerful.